Boring Tools

Swiss Tools was founded in 1973 and has grown to become one of Europe’s top 5 manufacturers of precision tooling.  They are famous for their top quality, accuracy, and their pure steel look.   Swiss Tools is uniquely positioned as a manufacturer of all known interfaces in the world of modular boring.

Fine Boring Tools

The Swiss Tool Fine boring tool line features analog and digital heads with diameters ranging from 0.118 - 15.827” in both modular or monobloc styles.  They are suitable for internal high pressure coolant delivery.

Rough Boring Tools

Swiss Bore twin rough boring tools have been developed for heavy duty cutting.  All Swiss Bore insert holders accept ISO standard inserts and do not require proprietary inserts like many competitors.  Twin rough boring range from diameters of 0.905 - 15.827”.

Bridge Tools

Our bridge tools are designed for roughing and finishing holes from diameters of 5.91 - 86.81”.  The tools have a special tooth profile which is positive locking and actuated by adherence.

Fine Boring Kits

For added versatility, a variety of monobloc or modular finish kits are available for diameters of 0.384 - 11.890”.

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