Milling Toolholders

ERI America offers a complete range of milling toolholders including:  End Mill Holders, Shell Mill Holders, Micron & Mold Chucks, and Shrink Fit Holders in CAT, BT, BCV, BBT, and HSK tapers.

Micron and Mold Chucks

ERI America offers Showa Tool's Micron Chuck, the best mechanical milling chuck on the market. This world class mechanical chuck has a higher level of accuracy than available hydraulically operated chucks, combined with the slim design, inherent rigidity and great clamping power of a mechanical chuck!

The unique design of the Micron Chucks eliminate the maintenance issues commonly associated with milling chucks because of the use of needle rollers. Our unique design incorporates a ball screw design which is much smoother moving and not subject to contamination which assures problem free toolholder life.
The Micron chucks are available in two grades - the A Grade (5μ at 3 x D) or AA Grade (2μ at 3 x D). The Grade A are readily available from stock in CAT, BT and HSK, BCV & BBT. The Grade AA are available upon request. Milling chuck collets are also readily available from stock in inch and metric IDs. Micron Mold Chucks allow for narrow-nosed, deep, hard to reach machining with high concentricity and low interference, without the need to invest in complicated and expensive mounting devices.

End Mill and Shell Mill Holders

Our extensive line of End Mill and Shell Mill Holders includes inch and metric sizes in multiple gage lengths for CV,, BT, BCV, BT and HSK Tapers.  All of our End Mill Holders are pre-balanced to G2.5.  CV, BT, BCV, and BBT are available with coolant Form AD+B (Coolant through the flange).  Our newly designed Shell Mill Holders now include Form AD+B..and also coolant through the pilot to direct the coolant flow directly to the cutting edge.

Shrink Fit Tooling and Equipment

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