Super Drill by Showa

Since its introduction nearly 30 years ago, the Super Drill has been continuously improved due to constant input from the field.  In response to customer demands, the Super Drill provides toolroom flexibility through an advanced modular design.  The basic set consists of a head, shank, center drill, and cutting blades with optional extension arbors that can be added for deeper holes.  Super Drill’s ease-of-use is further enhanced by this modular construction.

The Super Drill features a built-in center drill that acts as an axis for precision drilling, eliminating the need for center drilling and pilot holes.  It is available in 10 standard head sizes A1-55, A2-65, B-80, C-100, D-120, E-150, F-180, G-210, H-240 and I-270, for drilling 50mm to 270mm (1.96 to 10.63”) diameters up to a depth of 15 times diameter up to 1800mm (70.8”) in depth.

The cutting edge of the Super Drill consists of a center drill, a roughing blade and a finishing blade. Different hole diameters can be bored by changing blades within the capacity of each drill head. The blades and center drills can be re-sharpened which reduces total tool cost.

The versatile Super Drill has excelled in machine shop environments since its introduction, and has gained acceptance in a variety of field drilling applications including: oil field, power plant, agricultural repair and more.  It has been utilized on the most expensive machine centers, VTLs as well as portable magnetic drills.

ERI America is now stocking all heads, shanks, blade sets, center drills and replacement parts for diameters up to 180mm (7.08”) in diameter.